Stealth VR Virtual Reality Headset for iOS & Android Smartphones

Explore worlds both real and fictional like never before in a fully immersive virtual environment with the Stealth Virtual Reality Headset.

39. 99

The STEALTH VR Headset is a device that encases your entire field of vision like a pair of goggles. It blocks out all external light and uses your mobile phone screen to project a 3D image in front of your eyes.

In essence a VR headset takes what people would expect to see in reality with 360 degree panorama and replicates that environment with imagery that moves and behaves the same way.

STEALTH VR is a lightweight head-mounted display (HMD) that uses your mobile phone to create fully immersive virtual environments. is designed to be your hub at the cutting edge of Mobile VR. Regular updates, exclusive content, news, videos and app reviews will keep you completely up to date with the best that the virtual world has to offer.

With us, you’re not just unlocking the door to a virtual world - you’re signing up for the guided tour. The HMD allows you to see things beyond your wildest dreams; the website tells you what there is to see.

Join the Virtual Revolution, Stealth VR is Your VR.

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  • Fully Adjustable Stretch Headband & Cushioned Fit: Provides the perfect fit for your VR experience.
  • Detachable Front: Allows the VR100 to be used with Augmented Reality Apps. Provides increased air flow to keep mobile device cool during VR sessions.
  • Super Lightweight Design: The VR100 weighs just 380g (+device), ensuring comfort during use.
  • Android & iOS Compatibility: Up to and including the latest HTC & iPhone (4-6 inches).
  • Adjustable Pupil & Focal Distances: Separate adjustment dials for PD & FD guarantee crystal clear images for all users.




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